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SkinCell 29 A




$99.99 per bottle(average price)
(No longer carried by us)

SkinCell #29 A is another product that claims to contain a 99% peptide concentration.  There are a couple of products that have popped up in recent years claiming that this high concentration is the difference that people have been waiting on, despite scientific evidence that increased concentrations of peptides does not result in increased results.  Another product that makes these same claims is Prototype 37 C.

 Just like Prototype 37 C, SkinCell #29 A appears to be made from the same manufacturer.  The websites are seemingly from the same template and the active ingredients appear to be absolutely no different.  It claims to reduce wrinkles, under eye bags and puffiness and even control the muscle contractions which cause repetitive motion creases.  Hoping that SkinCell # 29A would out-perform Prototype we decided to put this serum to the test. 

SkinCell # 29 A is a well balanced serum, that despite its high concentration of active peptides, is not irritating to the skin.  The skin feels comfortable and moisturized.  The results, however, we not significant enough for it to make our Top 5 on our Rankings Chart.

What Happened When We Tested It?

This is another one of those products on the market that promises so much and delivers very little.  It is a shame too, the product is well formulated and it leaves the skin feeling moisturized and rejuvenated, but the results just never come.  The first few days of testing, we were confident that the product would yield significant results, because we could “feel” the product working, yet day after day went by and little changes were visible in the mirror. 

Overall, SkinCell did nothing to overturn our belief that there is no advantage to high concentrations of peptides and that the products that contain 3-5% are more effective than those with concentrations higher than that.  It is a quality cream and if you are young and looking to prolong aging, perhaps this is a good choice for you, but if you have existing issues you want repaired, we would recommend you read some of our higher rated reviews or our number one chioce

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