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If you watch any tv during the day, you are no doubt familiar with the infomercials for Youthology.  We had seen these ads too, and decided to look into carrying this product on our site.  The seemingly rediculous claims on their commercials that wrinkles go away in 90 seconds had us intrigued to say the least.  (You probably were too, if you are reading this).

The main reason that Youthology ranked as high as it did with us, is the value of the offer they give you.   You get a bunch of free gifts, and the price is affordable.  The company is very sound, which means that the quality of the product should be consistent.

What Happened When We Tested It?

Well, we hate to spoil the excitement, but nothing happens in 90 seconds when you use this.   There MIGHT be some light-reflecting particles in the cream that can make a wrinkle less visible under certain lights (like on tv), but in the real world where WE live, we didn’t see anything happen in 90 seconds when we tried it.   HOWEVER, the product felt nice going on, and contains some very nice ingredients.   We were pleased enough to rank it #3 on our rankings chart.   A good score, to say the least.

Our testers said that their skin felt pretty well moisturized, and they enjoyed the scent and the texture of the products.  While not our number one choice, it delivered some pretty good results at the end of the month.   90 second results it does NOT provide, but after a month of trying it, we found that our skin was more supple, and that the wrinkles seemed to be reduced a bit.   If you are looking for a nice value, and a fairly well-performing product, you should definitely consider Youthology before buying your next eye gel.

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